S.O.S. Signal In Niagara Falls Sent By Ontarians To The U.S. (VIDEO)


A group of Ontarians gathered at Niagara Falls on Friday night to get the attention of our U.S. neighbours with an upside-down Canadian flag and S.O.S. signal.

In a Facebook Live video, the group can be seen raising the flag from the Falls lookout and using their phone flashlights to send a morse code message across the border.

"We are hostages in our province now," says Cullen McDonald, who live-streamed the event. "We are no longer free to do whatever we want as our charter allows us."

McDonald claimed in the video that the U.S. border patrol was made aware of their incoming message — Narcity has reached out to verify this and will update the story when we receive a response.

Their demonstration took place on the same day as the premier announced Ontario's enhanced stay-at-home measures, and an anti-lockdown protest attracted hundreds of participants in Barrie, including Maxime Bernier.