Niagara Falls clean sweep is a go despite lockdown, stay-at-home order


Despite being under a provincewide lockdown and stay-at-home order, the City of Niagara Falls is going ahead with its annual spring clean sweep May 8.

City officials said special COVID-19 precautions and gathering restrictions will be in effect, as volunteers are invited to collect litter and clean debris from their neighbourhood parks, trails, walkways and boulevards in a self-directed format similar to October’s clean sweep.

They said the decision to hold the event during the lockdown was made because of a rising local trend of people picking up litter while out jogging, and other impromptu cleanup efforts from the community.

Many of these efforts were highlighted by participants in the city’s recent Green Movement campaign.

Although the campaign featured only one challenge that specifically asked participants to collect litter from their neighbourhoods — and it was suspended after provincial restrictions increased halfway through the campaign — participants continued to highlight their local cleanup efforts, civic pride and environmental stewardship.