Over 37,000 doses of COVID vaccine given in Niagara with clinics preparing to ope


The effort to vaccinate Niagara residents continues with over 37,500 doses administered so far.

While most local residents will have to wait a few more weeks, or months to receive their shot, some local residents aged 80+ have received a call from their family doctor to get one at the Seymour Hannah clinic.

Residents 80+ who have not received a call, will be able to use the Ontario government's portal to book an appointment on Monday. The phone number and web address of the the portal have not been released yet.

Niagara's mass immunization clinics will start to open to the public next week.

The first clinic to open on Thursday will be the MacBain Community Centre in Niagara Falls, followed by others.

Again, you will be either contacted to receive your shot at one of the clinics, or if you're 80+ you can call and make an appointment starting Monday.