Skip Toronto And Stay In The Affordable, Convenient City Of Hamilton, Instead


The advantage that Hamilton has over other cities in the Niagara area (or close to it, anyway) is the fact that the western half of the city borders Lake Ontario. This gives it the best of both worlds in regard to nature areas and waterfront entertainment, dining, and even shopping. It's also about an hour outside the city of Toronto so, if visitors did want to spend a day scoping around this northern city, it takes no more than a day trip.

Hamilton is also just under an hour from the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. So, in short, it's the perfect midway destination for anyone who doesn't necessarily want to stay in Toronto, but wants to be in close range to the area's most popular attractions. And the best part? Hamilton is a straight shot from either one - making it the perfect city for a road trip or in which to rent a car.