How to Prevent Gutter Damage from Snow


Snow, despite having a pristine and perfect appearance, can cause a considerable amount of damage to property if left unchecked. It is usually very important for homeowners to know how to prevent property damage, especially gutter damage,caused by snow during the winter season. This knowledge can help save a lot of home repair costs during the winter. This is especially true for communities that experience heavy snowfall, snowstorms and blizzards.

Harsh winter weathers cause snow and ice build-up. The weight from the build-upcan cause the gutter to break and fall from the roof. Likewise, snow may cause ice dams to form and cause damage to the roof and gutters. Many homeowners would often maintain their gutters during the fall and summer seasons but then abandon them as soon as the winter comes. Others may leave their gutters clogged by debris during the summer and fall. This debris causes water to pool inside the gutters. Consequently, as the weather starts getting cold during the winter, this pooled water then freezes, causing too much weight for the gutters to carry. This often leads to damages and leaks within the gutter, sometimes it can also cause the gutter to break off and fall.

This article provides some professionals tips on how you can prevent gutter damage from snow. Be proactive and hands-on with your gutters this winter with these tips on how to how to make sure that ice does not build up in your gutters causing gutter damage.

Make sure your gutters are clear of debris

You should inspect your gutters regularly and have them cleaned out often to make sure that they function properly and that the drainages are free from blockage. Also, check the gutter for leaks and gaps. If there are blockages, leaks or gaps, this could mean that your gutter may not be able to withstand the winter without suffering some form of damage.

If your gutter is clogged up with debris, you can hire a professional gutter cleaning service, to clean it up and perform an inspection todecide if any further work or adjustments are needed.  The cleaning service would offer gutter repair services if necessary andwork on your gutters to ensure that they are ready to withstand the winter elements.

Clogged gutters can easily lead to ice damming. To avoid this, clean and clear out your gutters before winter begins. If you decide to pay cleaning professionals, ensure that they properly inspect the gutters, roof valleys, downspouts, elbows, fascias and eaves. 

Install heating products on your roofs, gutters and attics

Hire a professional to install a heating cable on your roof; this can help to melt gutter ice. You can also install heaters in your gutter to ensure that the snow keeps melting and flowing away from the gutters instead of freezing up in it. Also, keep your attic properly insulated, this helps to reduce the snow that melts that run from the roof and flows into the gutters.

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