2020 Wedding Food Trends to Watch


Wedding menus are constantly evolving. One year you have people serving avocados with every meal at every wedding, and the next year, you’ll discover that everyone has had their fill of avocados and are leaning toward pizzas instead. This is totally normal, and this is the reason they’re called food trends.Catering experts from Toronto’s top catering company, en Ville Catering, have suggested a few wedding food trends that will be popular with couples planning a wedding in 2020.

Plant-Based Foods

Selecting a wedding menu is never an easy feat. Not only do couples have to choose foods that they love, but they also have to consider the tastes and preferences of their guests. Some friends and family members may even insist on having an input on the menu, especially those who have special meal preferences, such as vegans and vegetarians. Based on this fact, plant-based foods have become very popular among wedding planners.

The vegan movement is widespread, and numerous amazing plant-based meals can be served at weddings. These foods can be elegant as well as delicious. Ask your caterer to provide a couple of plant-based wedding menu ideas and you'll be sure to find elegant meals that will make your wedding an affair to remember.

Organics Foods

In recent years, a lot of people have introduced all-organic foods as a part of their daily meals at home. This is due to all the ethical and health benefits attributed to organically produced foods. If people can practice a healthy lifestyle at home, then why can’t they do it at their wedding?

Organic catering has gotten increasingly popular. If you decide to go all-organic, the caterer will be using organic produce in every appetizer, main course, and dessert. They’ll use fresh fruit and veggies cultivated without pesticides and fertilizers. They will avoid foods that have been genetically altered or that have gone through processes like ionizing radiation. The dairy and meat used will be produced with no growth hormones. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

West African Cuisine

West African foods have grown very popular in recent years. Many people are aware of the fiery debates about Nigerian and Ghanaian jollof rice. Besides jollof rice, West Africa boasts a variety of foods that can serve as amazing wedding meals. This includes finger foods such as fried plantain and fried meats. The wedding reception might also be a good time to have your guests decide which tastes better, Ghanaian or Nigerian jollof rice? Serving simple West African dishes will portray to your guests how much thought you put into planning your wedding menu.


Almost everyone is a pizza lover. For this reason, many people are often tempted to serve pizza at weddings but are often deterred by the thought that wedding guests may find this tacky. Sure, ordering pizza from a fast-food place to your wedding venue on your wedding day will be considered tacky. However, having catered pizza brought to the venue by your caterers on your special day is a move that is always appreciated by guests. When serving pizza at a wedding, you must remember that a lot of people have different preferences and dietary restrictions, so make sure to include some gluten-free and some vegetarian pizzas.

High-protein meatless recipes

Judging by the number of times veganism has come up on this list, one can accurately conclude that the movement is most definitely going to be one of the most popular wedding food trends in 2020.

If you are a vegan who already follows a vegan diet, then you probably already have a good idea of what to avoid when choosing vegan meals for your wedding menu. Proteins such as seafood, including cured fish, mussels, smoked oysters, and pickled crustaceans are food trends that will be making it to wedding menus in the year 2020. Also, bee products, such as bee pollen, honey, and royal jelly are trends that will be around for a long time to come.