As World Hydrography Day approaches, the Government of Canada supports women in hydrography


Ottawa, ON, Jun 17, 2021 / CNW / — Hydrography is the science of surveying and mapping water. It is a branch of science that aims to protect our lives, property and environment. They support marine charts that help seafarers navigate safely, stimulate global economic prosperity by enabling the movement of goods, and help us map the hidden contours of the sea. June 21 is World Hydrography Day? A day to celebrate hydrography and the way it enriches our lives.

Today the Government of Canada is proud to contribute to the growth of hydrography by investing in inclusion and gender balance. His Excellency the Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard Bernadette Jordan, for a $300,000 award over three years for the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO), to advance the role of women in hydrography. As part of Canada’s efforts to support the United Nations Oceanographic Decade for Sustainable Development (the Ocean Decade), this project will enable more women to participate equitably in hydrography, and to assume more leadership roles within the international hydrographic community.

For 100 years, the International Hydrographic Organization has been a global authority promoting marine safety and efficiency to support the protection and sustainable use of the marine environment. With this funding, Canada is helping women at home and abroad to fully participate in ocean sciences such as hydrography. This investment will also help support efforts to reverse the cycle of ocean health decline, and create better conditions for sustainable development to fuel a sustainable global blue economy.