All small businesses are hurting, plus other Hamilton Community News letters



Most businesses will not tell you they are hurting but in reality, all small businesses are hurting.

Despite receiving the government grants and loans, us little gems will disappear in the night.

We stay strong so you cannot see our struggles.

You, the customers, ask for deals and we give them to you, and you never take advantage of the deals and then we are forced to close.

Us little gems are getting driven out by the franchise or the big chains.

How long can we stay closed from having customers, the real heroes of the small businesses, not being able to come inside to browse around or sit and enjoy food in a restaurant or small coffee shop?

I feel the pain of every single small gem that’s been closed due to COVID-19 and the variance of the pandemic.

No restaurant, no coffee shop, no local business should be saying goodbye to their customers who made it possible for them to stay alive.

We at the Stage Diner are one of those gems that I talk about, and we stay strong and wish this nightmare would go away and we fight every day like it was our last, like every small business.

We all need our heroes, our customers back into our lives.