Hamilton artist Pat Foss offers playful and succinct vignettes


A family of bears fishing. A dog chasing three cows. A naughty nun.

These are some of the playful moments captured by Pat Foss in “Moments in Time,” an exhibition of paintings and sculptures at Earls Court Gallery.

The Hamilton artist has been making and exhibiting art locally and internationally for more than 40 years. She first excelled as a sculptor, working with clay, stone, bronze and wood. The human figures that emerged from her hands often came with a visual punch line that attested to Foss’s ability to tell a good story succinctly.

One of the small bronzes in this show, “Mistress,” portrays a woman with a big head and a well-rounded, compact body. She wears a short body-hugging dress with a ruffled hem. The straps have slipped off her shoulders.

Foss ensures her large almond-shaped eyes look even bigger by adding emphatic eyebrows. Her mischievous smile makes her cheeks more rounded. Her hair, modelled as a kind of textured hat, sits on top of her head and falls to the base of her thick neck.

Approaching from the front, we note she holds the back of her right hand on her hip. Her other arm is not fully visible. But her head is slightly turned to her left, so we should take a few steps around that side. Our reward? The key she hides in her left hand.

Foss’s paintings are more recent creations.

“I see these paintings more as a logical extension of sculpture, than as paintings in and of themselves,” she says.