Hamilton Gym Is Under Investigation After A COVID-19 Outbreak During Stay-At-Home Order


A Hamilton gym is under investigation after a COVID-19 outbreak was declared at the location during Ontario's stay-at-home order.

According to the city, a staff member and patron of Freshfhiit Athletic both tested positive, prompting an outbreak to be declared on May 7.

Paul Johnson, the city's Emergency Operations Centre director, revealed during a COVID-19 update on Monday that bylaw officers have launched an investigation into the gym. However, no charges have been laid yet.

At the moment, fitness centres have been opening during the stay-at-home order to support individuals with medical needs for physiotherapy. However, it is still unclear exactly why this gym was open.

"I want to be clear, there have been no charges laid at Freshfhiit, it is an ongoing investigation," Johnson stated. He said that if the gym is, in fact, open for medical needs, the city would "fully support people being able to do their physiotherapy. But not so, if this is a way of people being able to access the gym during the stay-at-home order."