Speed limit changes on Hamilton’s Red Hill Valley Parkway starting Monday


Speed limit changes are coming to the Red Hill Valley Parkway in Hamilton.

Come Monday, the city is lowering the speed limit on the stretch of the highway between Dartnall Rd. and Greenhill Ave. to 80 km/hr.

“At this time, the speed limit on the northbound lanes of the RHVP shifts from 90km/hr to 80km/hr on a downhill section, which can make it difficult for motorists and drivers of large trucks to slow down effectively,” said a news release by the city.

“Changing the speed limit to 80km/hr beginning at the top of the hill will facilitate compliance with the posted speed limit.”

The move means the speed limit on the entire length of highway will be the same, from the Linc to QEW.

There will be rolling closures on the Red Hill Valley Parkway over the weekend while crews install new signage.

The city say police officers will begin enforcing the new limit starting Monday.