Hamilton companies participate in Seaway promotion campaign


ArcelorMittal Dofasco, Richardson International and Heddle Marine are three of the local participants in a video marketing campaign promoting Great Lakes shipping by the Chamber of Marine Commerce. The business organization has launched a new video series featuring voices from the businesses and communities that depend on Great Lakes-St. Lawrence shipping for their success. In the series of four short vignettes, interviewees share their stories on how marine shipping puts communities on the map.

Interviewees include representatives from:

• ArcelorMittal— the world’s leading steel and mining company that relies on Great Lakes-St. Lawrence shipping to sustainably transport huge volumes of minerals from their Northern Quebec mines, as well as materials for their steel-making plants in Ontario and Quebec.

• Heddle Shipyards, which has been reviving Ontario ship yards and bringing new skilled jobs and business to local supply chains in Thunder Bay, Port Weller and Hamilton.

•Richardson International– Canada’s largest agribusiness that exports grain by ship on behalf of thousands of Prairie and Ontario farmers through port cities across the region.